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Trader & Exhibitor Management

From conferences to festivals, large-scale events often need other businesses to get involved – supplying services and selling products.

This can be a tricky section of an event to manage, but with our very own concessions manager Chloe at hand our processes, contacts and know how can relieve you of the task. We will source the infrastructure required to make things happen such as stallage, power, marquees and all of the extras.

In addition we will validate trader insurances and certification, alongside obtaining risk assessments and facilitating payments. We’ll even produce your site map and provide schedules for the entire process, taking all of the paperwork off your hands through our admin staff, easy!

We have a large database of food & drink traders and ‚Äčlots of contacts for alternative businesses to animate your site. From giant bubbles to rockwalls and fairgrounds, we’re full of ideas.

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